Carson Street School – New Bike Path 2014

Gary Leach who project managed the whole venture and enlisted the help of other industry colleagues at no cost to the school.  Companies who worked to complete the project were C & L Ceilings and Advance Formwork who both supplied labour and equipment.  C & L Ceilings supplied the concrete and a concrete pump was provided by Advance Formwork.

Quoted from an acknowledgement letter for the donation made to the students of Carson Street School in the construction of the new bike track:

“The ability to ride a bicycle, modified bicycle or tricycle is of significant importance to all children as a developmental milestone and learning to ride is therefore an important part of each child’s program.

Riding is an activity that is healthy, accessible to all members of society and is a commonly enjoyed recreation for families and peers.  Children with special needs enjoy the benefits of increased mobility and therefore increased independence, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Our school provides many, many wonderful learning opportunities, activities and programs for its students and your donation goes a long way to supporting these initiatives.  The whole school community is extremely grateful for your generosity and, in particular, the children who will benefit directly from your contribution.”